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Customer Solutions: Tailor-made solutions for your processes

Definition of potentials and solutions

In an initial meeting, we clarify what can potentially be optimized in your company. In practice, workshops have proven effective for working together to understand the actual situation and to identify potential for improvement. Following these preliminary project discussions - brainstorming and idea collecting at the same time - we determine the general feasibility and give you a rough estimate of the time and cost involved.

Implementation and introduction

After the detailed specification, we determine the specific project scope and estimate the expense in terms of time and cost. Based on this, you receive a binding solution presentation.
In the implementation phase, we report regularly on the current status of the project. If required, we take over the complete coordination and implementation, quality assurance and the creation of documentation for users and administrations - even multilingual. Of course, you can take over some of these tasks yourself; our activities are tailored to your wishes.
Naturally, we are available after completion, delivery and acceptance - for example, to provide training on program-specific functions or subsequent support.

Process chain optimization at the customer

  • Interfaces (materials management, labeling systems, foreign

    language databases, cable length calculation, mechanics and control,

    preplanning, etc.)

  • Conversion programs (material master, graphical plan transfer, etc.)
  • Extended functionality (customer-optimized macro selection, expanded reports, calculations, logic checks, etc.)
  • Short projects (development of smaller changes and additions directly on-site)

Automatic processes

Save valuable time and manpower resources by connecting the interfaces to ERP systems, SAP, PDM and Windows programs such as Office and Excel. Manual tasks can be replaced by automatic processes at the click of the mouse.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – integration in the planning system

Exemplary interface services process

  • Preparation

    • Analysis of the tasks
    • Definition of project objectives
    • Estimation of the service scope (time and effort)
    • Description of the work process
    • Review and detailing of the project objective before starting (work or service contract)

  • Specification

    • There must be a specification of the basis for acceptance before this service is performed

  • ERP tasks

    • Parts master data
    • Parts lists connections
    • Foreign language data exchange
    • Exchange of any planning data

  • Project plan creation

    • 10–20% of the overall scope of the service is project management

  • Project management

    • The "project management" method guaranties the certainty of the implementation

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