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EPLAN Education: A new dimension in training of engineering systems

With EPLAN Education, a new dimension is opened up for training engineering systems. Four high-end systems (EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid, EPLAN PPE, and EPLAN Pro Panel) provide a clear technological advantage with their unprecedented functional scope. Thanks to the specific Education data format, extensive help and video demos, EPLAN Education - which is based on the continuous EPLAN Platform - leaves nothing to be desired. Its concept builds the perfect bridge between industrial practical experience and the requirements of education and advanced training.

In other words: The enhanced value offered by the integration of electrical, fluid, and instrumentation and control engineering provides an invaluable advantage in continuous mechatronics design processes. Whether in training, college, or later in the practical world, everyone can design a plant in a unified, practically-oriented manner. By the way - the knowledge gained in the training can be used 1:1 in real applications.

EPLAN Education consists of two parts, the educational part (EPLAN Education for Classrooms) and the free license for students (EPLAN Education for Students).

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